Interac Betting online casinos in Canada

interac betting sites

For Canadian bettors, Interac is a payment method that is well worth trying out. This digital interbank system links almost all financial institutions in Canada, eventually providing Canadians with flexible banking options. The good news is that all the leading online casinos that are widely enjoyed by thousands of Canadian players accept this convenient and transparent payment option. By offering almost instant e-transfers, Interac betting websites are on the rise. Read on to get to know more about Interac e-Transfer betting websites in Canada!

Top Interac betting sites in Canada

If you’re up for enjoying a top-notch range of gambling endeavours, dozens of leading bookies in Canada are open for you. Regardless of whether you are up for following the gameplay preferences of most Canadians or not, you are welcome to start your adventure in one of the following platforms:

Of course, there are many more betting websites and online casinos with similar options in Canada. But don’t forget that we recommend only those platforms that recommended themselves over time thanks to rich collections of games and sports to bet on, lucrative bonus offers, and numerous deposit options.

How to deposit to Interac bookmakers in Canada

With the number of websites available for Canadians growing, punters are becoming curious about how to use Interac if they haven’t tried it before. No worries; a brief guide is on us. Take a look:

  • Make sure you’ve already created an account on an Interac betting platform in Canada.
  • Select Interac as a preferred method of banking.
  • Specify the amount of cash you wish to cash-in to a game balance.
  • Click a tab ‘Generate Payment Details’.
  • Now, log in to your Interac account from your mobile app or website to process a cash-in using the details sent by one of the chosen Interac bookies.
  • Click to confirm your deposit and wait for your cash to arrive in just a few minutes.

You see, since there is nothing hard in making a cash-in, no Canadians would struggle with their Interac e-Transfer betting websites.

Variations of sports in Interac bookmakers in Canada

With the growing popularity of sports wagers, a criterion of their variability is now becoming more crucial for most Canadians interested in bookies. If you are passionately waiting to get to know what the most popular sports and games for bets are, we won’t take a minute of your time. Read on.

Basketball in Interac bookies

Basketball is surprisingly one of the most popular sports in Canada. Interac betting sites allow placing bets on a dazzling array of leagues, ranging from NBA and the National Basketball League of Canada to amateur tournaments all across the globe. Watching slam dunks has never been more entertaining.

Cricket and Interac betting in Canada

Like all other major sports, Cricket is a game that has enormous popularity among Canadians. Betting on such marquee events like ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC World T20, or Test Matches, are now becoming more common practice for fans in Canada. Be sure to select one of Interac betting websites to enjoy Cricket even more than before.

Football Interac betting sites

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re up for placing bets for Soccer or American Football. The crucial point is that Canadian Football is reaching the new heights in terms of popularity both in Canada and Interac betting platforms. Even Interac deposit gamblers occasionally place bets on the outcomes of Superbowl Canada, a truly fascinating experience to watch and place wagers on!

Baseball and Interac e-Transfer betting websites

Canadian punters and gambling enthusiasts are strongly in favour of placing bets on Baseball. Since any respected bookies have a wide range of matches to bet on, National Championships attract thousands of spectators both on-site and online. This is genuinely a decent time to prepare your cash for a few exciting games to come.

Rugby in Interac bookies in Canada

Alright, did you have any doubts that we wouldn’t include Rugby in this section? Although this sport is still developing in Canada, it annually attracts thousands of fans to the screens, who are in love with the games of Rugby Union tournaments. We highly recommend trying it out if you’re up for the exciting sports, which are rapidly growing in popularity.

Tennis Interac bookmakers

Don’t you know already why thousands of bets are regularly placed on Tennis games in Canada? Not only the unexpected outcomes are rare, but also this sports discipline has tons of matches to bet on. Be sure to prepare your wagers for some exciting performances during Wimbledon or the Australian Open.

eSports in Interac betting sites Canada

In a range of jurisdictions across the globe, eSports disciplines, including Dota 2, League of Legends, CS: GO, Overwatch, and Starcraft are already attributed as conventional sports. In Canada, you have dozens of websites that offer high odds and appealing coefficients for fierce games in one of the mentioned disciplines.

Interac betting websites bonuses

What makes the experience of any betting enthusiast from Canada even more exciting is a dazzling array of bonuses that are offered by Interac e-Transfer betting websites. They usually offer welcome bonuses to all new players, accompanied by dozens of reload promo offers for active players.

Once you realize that some websites also offer Interac casino Tabs, where you can play titles from different game providers and game developers, the situation is becoming even more beneficial. Thanks to countless types of bonuses available to Canadian bettors, all you’ll have to do is to collect that bonus money and spend it for wagers in one of the licensed Interac bookmakers in Canada.

Pros and Cons of Interac bookmakers

What makes it such a well-rounded and balanced payment method in Canada is its range of benefits. Not only bettors can expect instant deposit and withdrawal operations, but also outstanding safety, and minimal fees applied to all financial operations. When it comes to the benefits of Interac betting websites, they are prominent in terms of offering hefty bonuses, advanced software solutions to bet from mobile, a dazzling array of sports to wager on, and, of course, remarkable safety measures.

Speaking of possible negatives, one can experience somewhat a limited range of Interac betting websites in Canada. Although this is only the one drawback that we experienced, all bettors should stick to the websites we recommend. We hope that more websites will tune in for using this flawless banking option shortly.


  • Are there any fees while using Interac?

Since it is a non-profit company, only your banking institution can charge you for a transaction. It won’t charge you more than one or two Canadian dollars.

  • Is it safe to place bets in Interac bookies in Canada?

Of course! It is a top-notch payment method that guarantees the absolute safety of all transactions.

  • Is it legal in Canada to bet on sports?

Since Interac is a Canadian company, you won’t have any issues with money operations directed to bookies.

  • What is the amount of minimum deposit in Interac betting platforms?

The usual minimum deposit equals $5, which can be just enough to satisfy your craving for placing wagers.

  • What is the minimum bet I can expect to place?

The common practice for Interac betting sites is to have a minimum bet of 5 pence available.