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What Are Interac Casino?

To put it bluntly, Interac online casinos in Canada are online establishments that accept Interac as a form of online payment. When you want to play on the internet, if you are playing with real financial stakes, you need a good and safe payment system, withdrawal, and deposits. Numerous methods of payment have a lot of advantages when it comes to online casinos. When it comes to Canadian online casinos, Interac is the primary payment method. Making an Interac online payment is quick and simple too!

List of TOP Interac casinos

A Brief History of Interac

Interac is a Canadian payment interbank network, which works to link financial institutions and banks all for the purpose of exchanging electronic funds in financial transactions. It is Canada’s favorite e-payment system. It serves as the national Canadian debit card system.

To put it simply, it is much like every other debit card, such as Visa. It was launched in 1984 by the nonprofit Interac Association. The associations consist of five financial institutions and banks:

  • RBC
  • CIBC
  • TD

Interac merged with another debit platform called Axcsys back in 2013 into a single organization, the Canada Interac Corporation. Since they have joined, they have been providing a safe, quality debit service and the favorite online payment option for all Canadians.

What is Interac e-Transfer?

Interac e-Transfer is a widely used service to pay for online casino services. It is a popular option because of its speed and high-quality e-banking. People who have used these services as a method to transfer funds to e-wallet funds have reaped quicker banking times, bonuses to their accounts, and have enjoyed a safe service.

CertaPay has offered the service. It allows online funds manipulation to customers, allowing them to send funds to anyone with an email address and a bank account registered in Canada. Opening an account is relatively simple and has been available to everyone for quite a long time. It used to be a branded service operated by Acxsys.

Why Is Interac The Primary Canadian Casino Payment Option?

Interac is essential for all gaming Canadian. Safe banking has always been a problem when it comes to online gaming, as banking cannot always be as discreet as we would like it to be.

Lucky for us, these banking and deposit follow specific discretion guides. But, unlike all online banking platforms, they also offer numerous bonuses at some online gambling casinos. And let’s not get started on the advanced security! The security is top-notch! Interac sites are abundant, for a good reason.

A casino that accepts Interac as a form of a money deposit is a casino that accepts Canadian players. Most trusted Interac casinos are listed here. There are no better methods for Canadians to deposit their money than through this payment system.

In short – an online casino with Interac is an online casino for Canadians!

It does not only offer some gambling options but also provides instant recognition in casinos that accept it. This means that the process instantly withdraws or deposits money into your casino account from your bank account.

Withdrawals have always been a problem when it comes to online casino banking. Withdrawals are transactions, and transactions take quite a long time to process. Some withdrawal transactions can take a couple of days!

Transferring money to the casino has never been a problem, but moving it back to your account has. Transferring money to your financial account can take a couple of days if you pick the wire transfer option. Albeit a little outdated, it is still the most popular online transfer method for players all around! Using Interac significantly lowers the waiting time.

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Pros and Cons Of Using Interac for casino payments


  • Quick banking and financial transactions
  • Safe accounts for all users
  • Top-notch security
  • Amazing support for all players
  • Bonuses at select establishments
  • Easy-access for all users
  • Fast winnings withdrawals


  • Exclusive to Canadian users
  • Not everyone offers a bonus

Interac Casino Depositing and Withdrawing guide

Depositing and withdrawing your funds through this payment system is as simple as it can be. It is a useful and far quicker option than any other e-wallet method. When it comes to making an online casino deposit, Interac is the prime method.

Depositing to Casino with Interac

The first thing you need to do is pick a casino you would like to play on. Once you have selected your poison, you will most likely need to verify your account. Once you have confirmed your account and verified yourself as a real player (which is most likely going to be by either card or ID), you can get into their inner workings.

An online casino accepting Interac is an online casino accepting Canada, and an online business that takes Interac is an online casino that takes in Canadian players!

Of course, most casinos will offer you some free Interac gambling games. They will not demand payment information at once, as the point is to get you hooked on the casino’s free games first.

Once you’ve made your account on the homepage, you need to go to the deposits option. Depending on the casino’s type, you will be offered numerous different options. Different casinos have different rules and outlooks.

You will need to go to the general banking/deposits/withdrawals section and select your method of payment. When you have gone to the casino’s banking option, you will be met with numerous different payment options. A casino that accepts Interac is one that accepts Canada.

Once you’ve selected this as your preferred payment and withdrawal method, getting your money is as simple as filling in your information in the deposit and later, in the withdrawal sheet. Online Casino Canada Interac support has only been rising in the past couple of years, so if you are playing on an online casino in Canada, it has this exclusive payment method.

There are numerous benefits for an online casino using Interac, such as its speed and security. Remember, an online casino that accepts Interac is going to be safe, swift and reputable.

You can rest assured that your funds will be transferred quickly and without any hassle when it comes to Casino Interac. Mobile Casino Interac is another popular payment method, allowing you to pay via your mobile phone or smart device.

What about fees and safety?

This is a safe payment method. An Interac user only needs to provide their client card number and banking pin to get to the casino funds that are required to make a deposit. Interac casino sites are also abundant, and all of them share a similar safety habit.

An online casino with this payment system will never ask for any of your bank account details. Interac supported Online Casinos are safe, sound, and secure for the user. There are mobile casinos that support this as well, and their safety is also guaranteed.

Any reputable online casino that supports Interac payment will most likely give you a bonus as well. There are numerous upsides for an online casino to be using Interac in Canada. Any unusual activity on this debit card will be blocked by the financial institution backing it and will be covered by the Customer Services Rules.

Having a bad experience while using this debit card as a form of payment is very unlikely, as most online casinos that accept it are protected with a high-tech SSL encryption, ensuring a safe and fun gaming experience. In short, online casinos that take Interac as a form of payment are safe.

This e-wallet service has only two different fees. The FI Service fee and the FI Account Fee.

FI Service Fee
This is a flat fee. It is based on the transaction volume that you decide to make between yourself and online casinos, depending on your furthered payment.

FI Account Fee
This is the standard account fee that every user has to pay. You might get charged a fee for sending or receiving a transaction through the use of this e-wallet. The amount of these fees can vary, depending on numerous factors.


Are there any Interac Bonuses?

Yes! Numerous websites that are based in Canada will offer you an “Interac casino bonus” if you decide to pay through Interac. You might get a couple of free dollars or a couple of free spins, depending on the business.

Is it Legal to play at online casinos using Interac?

Using Interac for soliciting any legal service on the internet is entirely legal and is regulated by the casino and the Interac Corporation.

How do I find the best Interac casino?

A good casino is an Interac payment casino. Any casino that is based in Canada is going to support this method. If your preferred casino does not support this payment method, numerous others are just a Google search away.

What is the best form of e-wallet for Canadians?

Interac is the best form of an e-wallet for Canadians all around. It is popular because of its swift speed and high security. Not to mention the fantastic bonuses it offers! With Interac deposits, online casinos can reap numerous speed benefits. Making casino Interac deposits has never been quicker!